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About A Gentleman

Named Jerk

At some moment, early in his years of living, Akil embraced a brazen, authentic and abrasive honesty. It is what you would expect to be conceived from the personal experiences that are specific to a kid nicknamed by the neighborhood as “Jerk.”

His creative journey began writing about his surroundings: family, friends, people in his neighborhood and encounters in life that he could depict in any creative way available. From speeches, parodies, short stories, raps and poems voicing his astute perspective on every living over existing. His passion to write maturated, to some of the content you are enjoying now.

Now what has taken him so long to share that passion and pursue a calling of writing creatively, is a matter lack of faith and too much comfort. At some point, he followed the program the world gave him and became comfortable being just a father,  

9-5 job hating worker and allowed his faith to be undermined by the idea that he could fail. At some point, his faith-in-self was renewed with recognizing, he is all too familiar with taking losses, encountering obstacles and experience adversity.

That’s what makes him creative, the adversity, the resilience, the fearlessness. That did not kill him, in fact it built him. (side note: he’s not a super Hero even if it sounds like he is.)

What resulted is a perspective on living had been refined from Jerk to gentleman, recognizing that objects are blunt, and honesty does not mean being brash and tactless. His skill to be authentic, candid and transparent had to evolve with some finesse. Or maybe, he’s still rude and just figured out a better way for satire and candor to be balanced. Regardless, he has promised to greet everyone’s interest with a smile and the decorum that all gentlemen develop for themselves.