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1) an intense reaction or climax of TRUE, wry, alluring and clever content & commentary

A space for creative writing, satire, insight, and all media that both gentlemen and jerks can appreciate


Jerkasm is a brand of creative material began by a Gentleman named Jerk. With an access to a boundless type of content, Jerkasm is not limited to just blog posts, poetry or short stories. Jerkasm encompasses an alternative to human nature from all perspectives: lifestyle, parenting, relationships, soul progression, professionalism, music and off course, leisure.


Last of the Gentlemen: Meet the Parents

     If you asked me what his childhood was like, I wouldn't be able to tell you it was full of despair & neglect. Yes, he faced his share of adversity, but who hasn't. He didn’t grow up an ugly duckling or deprived of any attention. He was a little boy; as a matter...

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I should have said this in closing (Part 1)

First, take out the deuce of clubs and as well as the deuce of hearts. No need for those during this game. In fact, replace them with both jokers. Both jokers, big and little, are always wild and are sure to win you a book or two. I’m speaking in terms of Spades!...

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Insecure Events Horizon

I never considered myself the best looking fellow around, but I have always comfortable in the fact that I was just “me,” Jerk, Akil. I never wanted to seem arrogant but I was confidant in my abilities to meeting women. Now I’m not saying that I can have any woman I...

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Emotional Coward

Through relationships and situation-ships, I’ve dealt with mild paralysis, leaving me motionless, allowing my mind to scurry and search for a solution. In fact, I’m convinced I have unearthed the rudimental core of paralyzing venom that’s found in many of the...

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